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Innovators of artistic
liquid metal coating for architects, designers and industry

METAL ART DESIGNS LLC, is established as a market leader in providing most exquisite Cold Metal Coating in Brass, Bronze, Copper and Metallure finishes. Our team of developers and designers combine Art with Science to produce a unique concept of liquid metal cold spray coating which provides Design, Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Joinery and Fabrication industries with a cost-effective and reliable alternative to solid metal on any solid substrate such as Wood, MDF, Foam, Plastic, Gypsum, Metal Sheet, Plaster, Ceramics, GRP, GRC, GRG, Concrete and Terra Cotta.

METAL ART coating involves usage of basic real metals like BRONZE, BRASS, COPPER, ALUMINUM, TIN, ZINC, GRAPHITE and IRON, created of alloy to achieve different shades and textures for customized metal finishing options.

We follow our customers from the design analysis stage to the realization of artistic finish that he/ she is striving to achieve. From a mere idea, our skilled personnel, state of the art equipment coupled with the unparalleled expertise can provide a unique array of artistic metal coating finishes that are unique and highly durable.

Our multi-dimensional business model that comprises of in-house infrastructure, highly experienced personnel, quality control, R & D, strategic geographical network, on-time delivery and after sales service, has consistently broadened our business spectrum and ensures our existing customer loyalty.Headquarter with corporate office in one of the most recognized business hubs in Dubai – Dubai Investment Park and with ancillary offices in GCC and South East Asia, we are all poised to serve a discerning clientele across Middle East, South East Asia and the CIS countries

Our Vision

Our vision is the

true creative rhythm 

that combines

art and science.  

Our Mission

To be the region’s

most sought after

Artistic Metal

Coating manufacturer.

Our Values





Quality Policy

As a result of teamwork and dedication of our highly trained employees and able management, METAL ART DESIGNS LLC is committed to customer satisfaction at all levels of its operation. 

To achieve this standard of excellence, we adhere to the most stringent industry standards for product quality and service. Our staff upholds a strong internal tradition, through experience, for innovative and reliable performance.

We strive to be the partner-of-choice in our industry by relentlessly providing world-class products and solutions in Liquid Metal Coating. Backed by efficient R & D, effective pre and post sales support and continual upgrade of our equipment & machinery, we hold a definite edge over our existing competition.

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